Happy Birthday Parties!

Hello Blog Buddies!

I have recently been fortunate enough to be invited to a few birthday celebrations. 
It is always lovely to be included with a friend's personal milestone.

My 'Glamour Sister' Gulay recently turned 30 and a few of her 
girlfriends and I celebrated at a local Indian restaurant.

Here is my other 'Glamour Sister'.... Alison....

... And we now all have our matching bracelets!!

Too cute!

At this restaurant, 'The Birthday Person' has the delightful experience of wearing 
'The Snazzy Birthday Turban"...

... I think that you will agree that Gulay is probably the only 
person I know that could make this hat look as exotic as she does!

It was such a fun night!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend!

We then had another family gathering that also celebrated a birthday.

G.G. (Gorgeous Guy) and I decided to have this particular family function at our house.

There were flowers and the festive cake...

The birthday song was sung and the candles blown ... with a little help!

I had made the cake and it was a bit of a funny shape... I nearly made another one, but G.G. said, (As we gazed at it cooling on the kitchen bench) "Just throw some more icing on it"... 
I am not sure the deception was convincing?!

(It tasted ok!!)

Here are the dessert glasses we used so I think 
'The-Cake-That-Looked-Like-A-Cob-Loaf" is now just family folk-lore. 

I hope you all manage to celebrate your family and friend's milestones... 
It's important to mark joy, big or small in our lives. 

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