Winter Holidays in Melbourne

Hello Blog Buddies,

It is a lovely winter's day in Melbourne and I am pleased to say... I am still on holidays...Yay!
This means I can spend my weekday mornings 'dropping in' on my wonderful friends to enjoy a latte and home baked muffins with them...


You can also enjoy the delights of  'brunch' with other friends 
and their highly entertaining children....

at a cafe you have not visited before.

But holidays also mean the obligatory 'domestic duties' one must complete 
so that 'term time' is organised and orderly. 
This (I am ashamed to say) was the state of our pantry up until yesterday. 

Today, I decided enough was enough and started the process of minimising the contents of the 'food cupboard'. I am quite bewildered, that for some inexplicable reason, we are the owners of three bottles of worcestershire sauce, (and yes, I had to get up and look at said bottles to check the spelling of worcestershire) three large bottles of soy sauce and three jars of anchovies...?? We also have the equivalent of approximately eight kilos of rice spread over ten unfinished bags!
So after starting this, (see below) I felt a little overwhelmed and had to have a break.... and when I say break...I mean wine.

I am now happy to announce, the glass of wine re-invigorated me 
and now the shelves look like this...

...much better. 

And I also don't feel quite so ridiculous, as after a conversation 
with my gorgeous friend MM, in Sydney, whereby I expressed my concerns 
regarding the contents of our pantry, she laughed and said, 
"That's nothing...I recently noticed our pantry currently contains three jars of artichokes!"...???

So after all the organising and 'pondering of life's quirky idiosyncrasies', 
I decided a walk was in order.

As these two are always 'up-for-a-walk' I always have company, so we went 
down to 'our beach' and enjoyed the winter sunshine...

How fortunate I am to have such funny and entertaining friends! 

What are you doing today... And what's in your pantry?!

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