Happy Birthday Ma'am!

Hello Blog Buddies!

If you are a regular reader, you will know that we are currently studying 
Australia in our sunny classroom. One of the concepts we have been 
discussingis living in a country that is a part of The Commonwealth. 
We therefore thought it only 'right and proper' to celebrate 'Our Sovereign's' birthday.

Queen Elizabeth has reigned for more than five decades so 
a high tea was definitely the order of the day!

All the students were invited to bring along a cup and saucer...

... in which to sip their tea... (or cordial!)

... And some of our wonderful room mums made some cup cakes for us to nibble on.

Ayva's mum made a sensational banana cake and 
Darcy's mum made the homemade lemon cordial (right) which was dee-lish!

These are Tyson's mum's cakes...

... and these are specialty cakes from 'The house of Kate's mum'.

Holly's mum's cakes can be seen here, on the left.
The tea was delightful and we all 'toasted' Our Queen 
and wished her a Happy Birthday!

Wearing crowns is always fun...

... as too, are tiaras.

It was quite difficult to decide on what to eat first...or second!

What a great way to celebrate a great Queen!

Happy Birthday Mam'am!


Vicki said...

Adorable! Those cupcakes look yummy...and I know your students enjoyed the day! Happy Birthday Mam'am!

danmurf78 said...

This was such a great idea for the kids! I know Jax loved it

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