Something Old, Something New...

Hello Blog Buddies,

There was something rather fabulous that occurred over the past summer...

G.G. and I became engaged in November 2013. After a series of 'events', we decided to have a short engagement…and turn our Engagement Party into a Wedding!

As we had already had a venue for 'The Engagement', additional planning really only involved approximately five phone calls. (Celebrant, dress, cake, ask friends to be in wedding party and double the flower order to add special bouquets etc)

My 'Book Club' girls were duly notified as a Bride needs someone to go shoe shopping with!
(My daughter, who was my stunning bridesmaid is currently studying in Hong Kong, my beautiful Maid of Honor lives in N.S.W. and my darling mother is no longer with me so I really needed my gorgeous girlfriends. ox)

This did mean a few rather 'frantic' days during the lead-up to the day (we left three weeks) but there was no family stress, melodrama, feuding or demands made of us. 

The whole day was exactly what we wanted. As people thought it was an engagement party, they arrived relaxed and ready for a fun evening. The venue was fabulous, the evening was sunny and warm, the food and drink were spectacular and the jazz band was perfect. The decor which was 'whipped up' was exactly what we wanted and people were genuinely ecstatic for us. 

The joy and happiness we felt from our friends on the day was simply amazing.

We have since had 'Wedding' cards arriving in the post from friends as well as Bridal keepsakes.


Some people had guessed… which was fine…. as that really didn't matter in the slightest…

G.G. and I had the most fabulous time….

 … and judging by all the texts and phone calls we had the next day, so did all our friends.

"The best wedding we have ever been to…"

"You both looked so happy and thrilled we were all there…"

"One of the classiest weddings I have ever been to…"

"Loved the decor…."

"It was just so much fun…."

People have been so kind and understanding regarding 'the surprise' element, echoing our precise sentiments that this was our wedding day and nobody else's.

The support and love since the day has also been overwhelming.

Thank you to all our gorgeous friends.

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