Birthdays... Yay!

Hello Blog Buddies!

This half of the year is 'birthday season' in our family. Many members of our family, as well as close friends are all celebrating another year of life.

My dear friend Carrie and I met at a Mother's Group when we were both new mums. We had both just had our gorgeous daughters and have remained close friends ever since. (The fact that our daughters are both turning seventeen this year is all rather startling to us both!)

During these school holidays, Carrie came to our house for lunch with her daughter Laura, for a very 'chatty catch-up' with myself and my daughter, (The Divine Miss M.)

As three out of four of us were celebrating a birthday within a couple of months of each other we decided we should have a 'combined birthday party'.... Yay!!

So I clapped my hands in delight as a 'colour theme' would be in order...(Yay again!)

The Divine Ms M made lollie-bags....

... There were party drinks ...

... Birthday cakes and candles.. and a pretty table set.

Presents ....

... and beautiful cards were also there.

It was All Kinds Of Fun!

And because one birthday celebration is simply not enough... 

Ms M and I had a lovely afternoon tea here....

It was fabulous! You simply have to love a menu that simply lists tea!

It was so relaxing being waited on...

And the food was de-vine!

But the best part by far was spending time enjoying a 'girlie' experience with my gorgeous daughter.

Are you having a birthday soon? If so...

Birthday Ahoy!

(If you have no clue what this means.... refer to this post... Here )

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