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I was quietly sitting on the couch today enjoying the winter afternoon sun when, for no particular reason, I glanced up and noticed it on the shelf...

... A Union Jack! 

I am a great fan of The Union Jack, not just because I am a descendent of British heritage, (both my parents were English... I am first generation Australian) but rather from a more artistic point of view... I simply think it is a cracking design. I love the strength of line and you can't beat red, white and blue in a colour combination! 

(I must also pause at this point, and 'give a nod' to the American Flag. It too, I am a fan of for exactly the same reasons.)

Further 'glancing' revealed another on another shelf....

.... and then there were the couches...

... And the contents there on...

The fridge displays this postcard which was distributed at 
'The Royal Wedding Party' I had way back in  2011....

...When this bunting was also displayed. (As seen in earlier blog!)

I found this on my bookshelf....(???!!)

... And this was displayed on a shelf in the study.

.... Then found this in the cupboard!!! (A gorgeous gift from a lovely parent at school)

A walk to the spare bedroom revealed this..

(Yup... another cushion!)

And it was then that my mind ventured to my wardrobe.... and recalled the shoes I had bought last year to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee as well as the London Olympics...

(G.G. has suggested that perhaps they look a tad 'clownish'... 
I think they look snazzy .... and I can also report they are extremely comfortable!!)

I also own this bag... 

which is a fabulous 'weekender' bag...

But I think my favourite is this sequined clutch bag.... 
which came free with a lipstick a few Christmases ago.

Factor in this necklace (also in the 'goody bag' at the Royal Wedding for everyone) and I think you will agree I am 'rather taken' with the Union Jack.... Cracking design!

And I have only just realised this because of a glance that occurred today!

Rule Britannia and Tally-Ho!

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