Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

Hello Blogging Buddies!

Last month, (June) Australia celebrated its sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II's birthday! Hurrah! 

(It does not seem to matter to the Australian public that June is not even the month the Queen's birthday falls in.... we just know we get a long weekend in the middle of Winter....Yay!!)

We, the subjects in PrepSF, could not let such an auspicious occasion pass without some form of festive rejoicing so we decorated ....

Lovin' these fabric flags...

The flags were bought for a 'Royal Wedding' party I held a year or so ago...

The Union Jack and this blue sign are both tea-towels.....

... But they added color!

We all wore one of these.....

... Either bought...

... Or home made.

We also had some amazing mums who made some of these!

We all had tea, scones and jam for morning tea!


We did also learn about Our Queen and all the things she does for the Commonwealth Countries.

We also completed a picture / sentence match to show what we had learnt.

(Our cutting skills are much better than at the start of the year.)

 And our book work is a great deal neater too!

Then we did some writing....

The writing and pictures added to the colour in the room....

 ... And the children's writing was awesome!

We had a great time!

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II !!!

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