Birthday Ahoy!

Hello Blog Buddies! How are you all doing today? I have had a lovely twenty-four hours that capped off my afore mentioned 'Birthday Week'....

Yesterday I arrived at my desk in my classroom office to this.....

Yes! It was my birthday and my lovely students had organized a celebration.

Many of them had collected flowers from their own gardens and brought them in to give me....How wonderful.....

I literally had buckets of flowers in water....

Knowing me extremely well, the class had decided on a 'spotty-dotty' theme for their surprise party.

So all the cupcakes and other sugary delights had 'dots and spots' on them....very cute!

(There are some very creative mums...and I believe one dad, ...at our school!!)

Thank goodness the class next door was 'in' on the secret.....!!

I also wanted to show you how clever two of my girls are at braiding each other's hair...They called these 'Birthday Braids'....too cute!!

 Containers eventually started to empty out.

This was my class card carefully created by two delightful girls in my class....

All signed.....

When I got home....(I am not kidding)....it took me half an hour to distribute all the amazing flowers into vases. What a lovely way to spend a 'Birthday Afternoon.'...

I love how you see the stems in the bottom of this vase...

Green and pink are such a beautiful combination...

Now.... a word on cards.....I love cards. I love choosing the perfect one for someone....I love writing in them....I have also been know to make the odd one here and there.

GG (Gorgeous Guy) has openly stated from the get-go that words "and such" are not his strong point. This does not bother me in the slightest...He more than shows me he loves every day with all the things he does for me....(and usually without being asked....I know girlfriends...definitely a keeper!)

However, because he knows I love words, books, and all things associated with reading I think he felt a little pressured to buy a card. So 'Birthday Morning' (Not to be confused with 'Birthday Week') I was greeted with a gift and card. GG looked worried...I was thrilled....he had bought a card! So you can imagine my surprise when I tore open the envelope and revealed this.....

As I laughed at the choice of card he threw his head in his hands and said,
"I know!...I stood in the store gazing at the incredible array of cards..... and panicked!!!"

Personally, I no longer think we should wish somebody "Happy Birthday!" I think we should adopt the more regal, and completely more satisfying, "Birthday Ahoy!" Couple it with a hand flourish and you are rocking their day!

(Just to finish...this is the card my daughter wrote for me...I am a sewer....I like pretty things...she didn't panic!)

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