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As Autumn slowly makes it way into sunny Melbourne, all Primary School Teachers are preparing for the Easter Break. There are a plethora of craft activities happening around my school and decorations are also brightening out learning spaces.

One of the most enjoyable activities I like to do with my students at this time of year is to share my collection of Easter related story books. 
I have compiled a collection of 'frequently requested' stories 
for you below...

Here are just a few that I display in my classroom at this time of year. I place them in a basket under our classroom Easter Tree so the children can read and return them to their rightful place with ease. Because these books are not available to read in the classroom throughout the rest of the year, I find the books have a special 'magical appeal' for my students.

My first short review is 'Hopper's Easter Surprise'. 
Part of the 'Hopper' series, 
('Hopper,' 'Hang on Hopper' and 'Hopper Hunts for Spring')
this book will engage young children with it's delightful story. 

The gorgeous illustrations for the complete series are by Marcus Pfister who is well known for his 'Rainbow Fish' stories and illustrations.

'Easter Things to Make and Do' is one of many in the 'Usborne Activities' range 
of children's books. I am a great fan of these simple activity books. They introduce children to the genre of procedural texts in a clear and concise manner.

The activities are beautifully presented and are simple enough for young children to complete with little, or minimal guidance from adults.

This large, and colourful story was a new addition to my 'Easter Book Collection' this year. A hardback book for only five dollars? It simply could not stay on the shelf a minute longer!

This book is stunningly illustrated by Katy Hudson.

Even my seven-year-old students thought the artwork was "...really pretty."

(The look on this little chick's face...??!! Awwww)

It would be difficult to discuss Easter without mentioning Peter Rabbit.
Using the original drawings by Beatrix Potter as a starting point, a simple story has been created and enhanced with 'pop up' and 'pull the tag' features throughout the book.

My students love making various items 'move' whilst reading this story.

'If I Were the Easter Bunny' was the 2015 new addition to my Easter collection. 
The vibrant and luminous illustrations captured on the pages of this book are in sharp contrast to usual 'Easter Palette' of soft pastels.

It is, however a joy to read, and children love copying and recreating the simple drawings and colour palette in their own 'crafty' creations.

Finally, 'The Golden Egg' would have to be my personal favourite when it comes to Easter story books. As you can see by the state of the cover, I have had this book for many years, and, as a result  it has been well loved by many, many students.

This rhyming tale relays the story of a duck looking for a golden egg. Each page reveals a different coloured egg via 'lift the flap' pages. The coloured eggs also have an underlay of shiny, shimmering paper that makes this book extremely tactile ... and quite twinkly!

(Not sure if you can see the underlay colour effect in the photographs...)

The rest of the illustrations are also beautiful and completely engaging for my 
current room of six to seven year olds.

I do have a few other story books currently sitting in a basket under our classroom Easter Tree, but these would have to be the 'Top Six' when it comes to teacher reading 'book requests' as well as silent reading time current favourites.

Do you have any favourite children's Easter story books you could recommend?
Hippity-Hop! Happy reading!

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What a gorgeous post celebrating these Easter books. I especially love the illustrations in the Hopper's book and, of course, Peter Rabbit. Have a beautiful Easter!

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