Elegance - Celebrating Red this Valentine's Day

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St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whilst many of us believe this to be a bit of 'commercialism gone mad' I think that a celebration of love and friendship is well worth a nod.

So I thought a focus on all things red was in order...

I always admire people who decorate their homes with vast quantities of red. Whilst I love red and have several items of clothing in the hue, I think I would find it quite difficult to paint a whole wall in my house red and live with it on a daily basis. That said, once I started looking around my house, I did discover many items in red... far more than I thought I would. 
So maybe 'a touch of red' is more me? (Note: My logo!)

Here are a few of my favourite red items, currently residing in our home...

The wooden heart wreath was purchased during a visit one Christmas to Paris. I hesitated and then worried incessantly about whether or not I would be able to get it through the extremely diligent Australian customs once I had returned home. 

Fortunately it was fine as it had been treated...*whew*


It currently 'lives' here, in our lounge room on a bookcase.

(And I just noticed the dust on the wooden box...please ignore this!!!)

The small plate was a gift from a colleague and I love it, simply because of it's size. It is just right for a 'small smackerel of something'.

The necklace was also a purchase on the Christmas trip to Paris. It can be tied at various lengths around your neck and the heart hangs at an angle. It is a lovely reminder of an amazing evening I spent with a dear friend at The Moulin Rouge.

The red jar is actually an antique pickle jar that my mother had. I remember it in our home when I was growing up and it was sent to her by her mother from England. It now sits on my bookcase and props up my Jane Austen collection of books. 

I love it because it is old, because of it's colour as well as its design...
but mostly because it was my mother's.

My two wooden apples also reside on one of our bookcases and were purchased when I 
lived in The States. I always think of apples being related to teachers and as a result 
possess several 'apple-y' items...

Now these are truly some of my favourite things...  three of my favourite lipsticks. 

Revlon's 'Really Red 006' is a bright red matte lipstick that is an absolute classic.

Rimmel's Kate Moss range has a variety of glorious reds as well. 'Kiss of Life 111' and '107' are two of my favourites. 

'107' is a deep berry-red with a modern matte finish. 
(Due to it's high demand, it is often sold out on department stores.) 

'111' a a true, brighter red which is member of the 'Lasting Finish' range.

As you can see, these are all well worn and loved!

(Left to right - Revlon 006, Rimmel 111 and Rimmel 107)

And just a quick addition that was not pictured above...

My gorgeous friend, Louise over at the beautiful 'Read Me' blog found Here is always seen in red lipstick. She recently commented on my site that she is currently enjoying a 'Body Shop's lipstick from the 'Colour Crush' range. In particular, 'Enraptured Red - 115'. 

I am really looking forward to trying that one out as recommendation from Ms. Owens is always a good idea!

So there you have it... What red items do you currently have in your home and do you celebrate
St. Valentine's Day? Let me know...


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Read Me said...

What a lovely post! I love everything about Valentine's Day - especially because it is also my birthday! What a great post about everything red in your home - I adored reading it. Here I was diligently writing down your suggestions for red lipsticks to go out and try when I scrolled down to find a lovely shout out to me and Read Me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, gorgeous Sarah-Jane. So glad you came into my life! x

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