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This year I have changed my teaching level and am now teaching in the Grade One department at our school. As I was also allocated the coordinating position, the start of this year has been 
rather hectic, to say the least!

But, I have finally organised my classroom to a standard I feel worthy of a viewing...

This is what I walked into over the summer break... a bit overwhelming?? Why yes, it was...

Many people do not realise that teachers often spend, many hours of their summer break printing, laminating and spending their own money on items for their classroom, in an effort to create beautiful learning spaces for their students.

Teachers too, require a pleasant environment, in which to spend a significant chunk of my day in. The rooms provided by the government, (in my opinion) do not really provide inspirational learning environments... so creativity on a budget is left up to us!

So after many hours of cleaning and rearranging, please scroll down and 'sneak a peak' into my 2016 classroom!

The room is a quite a bit smaller than my classroom last year so 
I had to be really creative with space this year.

My 'accessorised' chair made the move.

Once again, I made some new chair bags for my room and I am really happy with the colour choices. (A special 'shout out' to my dear friends Margy and Ellen who came to stay over the summer break and 'volunteered' to help me cut out and sew these chair covers... you saved me hours of precious holiday time... Thank You!)

The spinning turntables are always a winner so they made the move too.

The colours I used this year were inspired by one of Melanie Ralbusky's of 
'Schoolgirl Style' classroom design packs.


The coloured paper is part of the 'Woodland' pack and the 'School Kids' clipart (below) can be found at 'Scrappin Doodles'.


The 'Woodlands' pack contains a gorgeous selection of critter icons that can be used for a variety of purposes. I have placed many of them at the top of all the notice boards in my classroom to brighten the display boards this year.

The school in which I teach, is also a very old school which has some cute architectural features... these windows for example...

To help disguise the peeling paint, and the cobwebs outside the windows, I decided to create some 'faux' curtains in the colour palette.

I was really happy with the result.

The notice boards were actually covered in a bright burt orange... (not really indicative of a calming environment!) so I covered the boards in 'calming calico' before putting up displays.

It is really nice having a sink in my classroom again.


Here are some more examples of the 'Schoolgirl Style' pack contents...


... it really is a cute pack!


The letters are also part of the deal...

... the paper rosettes were purchased from a local 'two dollar' store.

This is not the best picture, but I decided to use my 'Easter Tree' to display our 
weekly Literacy Groups.



The opposite side of the room is where my desk is situated.
I am still arranging my desk items... but I didn't want to not show you simply 
because it was messy... This is 'real life' teaching!


The view from 'said desk' is onto a courtyard, (I call it 'The Town Square'!) and it is quite pleasant.

So there you have it for 2016.

I hope you enjoyed the tour just as I love looking into other classrooms. It is always an easy way to get inspiration and motivation for your own classroom.

You can locate the 'Schoolgirl Style website Here if you are looking for fabulous classroom decorating ideas. 

You can also find cute clipart and design ideas for projects on the 'Scrappin Doodle' website Here 

How is your classroom setup going this year?



Barbara said...

I really enjoyed looking at your classroom. It's very pretty! Hope your year is going well.

jasonnichols said...

Dear Ms. Galloway,
Our classroom is very nice. We saw the pictures before you decorated it, it now looks very very very nice. Thank you Ms Galloway for spending so much time making everything for our room. Also, you are very nice. I hope you are the teacher l get in grade 2.
😊😇💖 from Jett

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