Easter Sunday

Hello Blog Buddies!

So Easter Sunday finally came! The Easter Bunny heard we were all going to be visiting a relative in Geelong for the day, so he hid the eggs in their beautiful garden for us to find!

There were so many places to hide eggs in the garden....

... that it kept us amused for a significant amount of time!

The Easter Bunny, (thankfully) left some signs to help us along the way...

... so we could locate all the eggs!

Our 'little helpers' were very fast and nibble.

They were also very good at reading the clues.

We all had to 'look and locate'!

It was very exciting!

Some of us were better at 'looking' than others...

.. but all the eggs were put together and then shared out equally.

There was lots of laughter and frolicking... and of course ridiculousness!

The garden was truly beautiful and made the egg hunt, that much better. 

We then moved inside for the Easter Lunch.

Which was delicious!

(Although somebody forgot about the garlic bread... so burnt offerings it was!)

There was still plenty of food to go around.

 I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter!

What did you do?

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