Elegance - An 'Eastery' Lunch

Hello Blog Buddies!

I hope this festive time of year is finding you well? I am currently experiencing the delights of a term break. So there have been some lazy mornings and a few appointments attended to. 

Holidays are also a time to catch up with friends so in this spirit, I decided to host an 'Easter Lunch' for some of my dear friends and colleagues from the school I am no longer working at.

I had a lovely time laying the table. (I probably should have ironed the runner!)

I have to admit, that setting a table is one of my all time favourite things to do...

... as I really like making things look pretty.

The lavender in the vases added a lovely, fresh smell around the table.

The Easter egg plates are soooo cute and whenever I use them they always make me smile.

The 'bug' chocolates were a gift from one of my gorgeous students this year.

They added a splash of colour to the table...

... as well as a touch of whimsy.

I simply can not tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all my dear friends.

 Moving to a new school environment was definitely the right decision for me this year.
But it was just lovely seeing familiar faces again.

Dessert was Oprah's hummingbird cake which I use for special occasions.

 There were celebratory drinks as well as a lot of laughter...

... and of course, Eastery treats!


When everyone had gone, I had a lovely time finding places for the flowers around the house.

 The lavender ended up on the coffee table with some other Easter decor.

(The Cadbury eggs are my absolute favourites!)

The cute candle and the blue chocolate bird were a gift from the day.
(Thank you Julie!)

The coffee table is looking quite cheery now!

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such kind, warm and loyal friends in my life.

 Life is certainly a great deal brighter when you have energetic people in it.

I hope you are spending time with your family and friends during this Easter period.

Let me know what your plans are.

Happy Easter!

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Vicki said...

Everything looks SO special! What a wonderful time you had!! Happy Easter! xox

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