My 2015 Classroom

Hello Blog Buddies!

A change of school, a change of surname and a change or two on my blog!

And then we have my classroom....

Remember this?

.....And this?

Well, please feel welcome....

... open the door...

.... and come on in!

A change of school and a change of colour for the new academic year.

It did take a while to cut everything out, but I am really happy with the results.

All the lettering and banners were purchased from the wonderful Schoolgirlstyle.com.
You can find all of Melanie's wonderful inspiration Here

I reused some resources...

... And made some new ones.

After several dusty days, the room finally 'came together'.

It is certainly a great deal brighter and more organised.

The room is a lot larger than the one I had last year.

And the windows are simply Ahhhh-mazing!

Here is the book corner...

... with some familiar characters reused...

... and some favourite books ready to go!

The paper flowers were a new addition to my room this year.

I really like the ones in the windows....

... And I really like the light from the afternoon sun. 
It is actually quite magical.

Finally, my classroom wouldn't be complete without a few chair bags.

Firstly, my personal chair needed an up-date. 

1) Because it was looking a bit grubby and 
2) Because I had changed my surname to my married name.

The student's chairs always look better with this splash of colour,

and they really like having somewhere to 'stash' personal items.

The turntables finish off the tables.

I always think the supplies look like flowers on the tables!

Speaking of flowers, my lovely sister-in-law delivered these flowers 
to my new workplace to wish me well at my new school.

What a thoughtful gift!

Here they are sitting on on the mantle above the fireplace....
Did I tell you there was a fireplace complete with chimney in the room?!

Finally it was time for the year to begin...

So here we go!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I did not realise how much effort you have put in to decorating the room!! I am always looking at the childrens smiling faces not the decor but! this beautiful environment you have created surely has a hand in those smiles! It looks amazing x

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