Our Final Christmas Fun......

Hello Blog Buddies!

A final Christmas Blog to finish the year off....
I really wanted to show you a few pictures of our end of year
class party. I used a 'Gingerbread Pack' 
for our theme from Melanie Ralbusky's gorgeous site,

You can find the fun printables here

The red and white polkadots were embraced by all!

We had loads of helpers....

... and even those who could not attend went above and beyond!

These homemade sausage rolls were made by a 'room dad'.... just for me!

I was also completely over-whelmed with the generosity 
of the families at my place of work. 

Their support and
friendship was greatly appreciated.

I created these votive holders and packaged them up
to give as a 'thank you' to all the parents who have
helped me this year. 

(In the basket....ready to transport to school.)

I also made each of my students a new 'library book bag' 
containing a small book for Christmas.

Here is G.G. helping me thread the chords through 23 bags....
He's a keeper!

For my Teaching Team, I made Gingerbread cupcakes,
and included nail polish as seen on the
Christmas Day Blog.

We also drew a team-member's name 'out of a hat'
and gave an individual gift to each other.

After the school year finished, I was provided an opportunity 
to embrace the festive season in our wonderful city of Melbourne.

My beautiful friend and colleague, Julie invited Miss M. and myself
to join her and her family to a Christmas high tea. 

The decorations were beautiful...

... all twinkly and shiney.

And then the 'tea' arrived...

... complete with gold leaf!

Sandwiches, scones and cakes....

... Oh MY!

Can you see the strawberries are wearing tuxedoes??
Too cute!

Later in the week, myself, Miss M and G.G. all went into the city
for a wander around and to look at the Christmas lights.

(Sorry about the picture quality...it is dusk)

Melbourne City Council has been doing a light show for the last few years.

We really appreciated the effort.

This year, the Town Hall was covered in colours from around the world.

This was Italy.

And for all my American friends....here was Melbourne City Council's 
nod to the United States.

I hope you and families all had a wonderful 2014 Christmas and that your 2015 is filled with happiness, laughter and grace.

Happy New Year!

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