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The first in my Celebrating Women posts is a Women of Style feature. (Yay!)

My dear friend sent me a parcel recently, which contained this card...

It's arrival reminded me that I had this collection of cards myself, and that 
I really should locate them so I could utilise them!

The box set of cards were drawn by the amazing Megan Hess, sister of Kerrie Hess, who are both Australian illustrators. Known for their fashion and accessories art, their soft watercolours always make me smile. See more of Kerrie's stunning work on her beautiful website Here
And Megan's amazing work Here

So... inspired by the colours of these beautiful cards, as well as the women of style depicted on them, Grace Kelly is the first woman I think we should celebrate...

(Source: quasarex.com)
As so many of us would know, Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12th, 1929. 
She was an American, Academy Award winning actress who, after marrying Prince Rainier III in April 1956, became Princess of Monaco. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer had three children: Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. 

During her marriage, Ms Kelly was unable to continue her acting career. Instead, she performed her daily duties as a Princess and became very much involved in Philanthropic work.

(Source: quasarex.com)
Here are just a few of the wonderful associations Princess Grace of Monaco contributed to:
In her role as Princess, Grace Kelly founded AMADE Mondiale. This is a Monaco based, non-profit organisation that went on to become recognised by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental organisation. In accordance with the wish of the Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE was based on a vision: the vision of a world where every child, whatever his or her social, religious or cultural origins are, would have the capacity to live with dignity and security, and his or her fundamental rights fully respected. Currently, her daughter, Princess Caroline is President of AMADE.
Grace Kelly was also extremely active in supporting the local artists of Monaco, forming the Princess Grace Foundation in 1964. Today, both Princess Caroline and Prince Albert are actively involved in this foundation. 
The Princess Grace Foundation-USA was established following the death of Princess Grace. It was created to assist emerging theater, dance and film artists in America. Part of this foundation, The Princess Grace Awards Program, has awarded nearly 500 artists at more than 100 institutions in the U.S. with more than $7 million to date. 
Something many people do not know, is that Grace Kelly was one of the first celebrities to support, and speak on behalf of La Leche League which is an organisation that advocates breastfeeding. 
(Source: quasarex.com)
Grace Kelly was, and still is, considered a style icon. What is 'Kelly Style'?
Ms Kelly’s style was renowned for its simplicity, and it is therefore, still relevant and timeless today. What was commonly referred to as her 'American Girl Style' of well cut capri pants worn with a crisp white shirt, boat shoes and tortoiseshell sunglasses, can still be found in smart, casual clothing catalogues today. The famous 'Kelly Bag' epitomises these clean, and simple lines. Her wardrobe always looked 'pulled together' and sophisticated. 

Even before becoming royalty, Grace was always as 'neat as a pin' and never wore anything that could be considered 'showy'!

Whenever I think of Princess Grace of Monaco, I always imagine her to be extraordinarily kind and compassionate with impeccable manners. Here are a few items that I collected to reflect, what I believe to be a truly stylish and inspirational woman to celebrate! 

I tried to locate soft pink items from around my house to reflect the Megan Hess card.

This book as beautiful... I have read it... unfortunately, I am still not  Princess!

I purchased these gorgeous earrings when I went to the 'Grace Kelly Exhibition' in Bendigo, Australia several years ago. Newbridge Silverware has an entire 'Grace Kelly Range' that is available to purchase online.

So there you have it... The first celebration. 
What do you think of when you consider Grace Kelly and her contributions to the world?

(Source: quasarex.com)

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