March Favourites 2016

Hello Blog Buddies!

As April rolls in, I thought I really should mention a few items and experiences I enjoyed last month. The weather during March this year was quite lovely, but as April is now surrounding us, the days are shorter and the air is a little cooler.... so goodbye Summer!

So here we have a few items I particularly enjoyed last month...

Kmart, BigW and Target have all 'lifted their games' when it comes to home decor and stationery in the past eighteen months in Australia. I love notebooks and usually have a couple 'on the go' for various aspects of my life, (such as school, blogging, and so on)...  So when I saw this lovely fabric covered notebook was on sale for three dollars fifty in Kmart...? Bargain!

(It is a bit difficult to see, but the lettering is gold and sparkly.)

Australia is currently still behind the UK and the USA with our scheduled viewings of 
"Downton Abbey". As of today, we have not seen the last, and final movie-length episode. This sixth and final season has not disappointed and I will sadly miss my weekly 'fix' of simply stunning gowns, sassy hairstyles, fabulous headpieces and sumptuous bling. Farewell Downton Abbey! 

The Jenna Hipp hand and nail cream was a thoughtful gift from a family whose son was in my class last year. (A shout out to Heidi and family!) It came in a pack of four and I had never heard of the brand before. I can honestly report this cream seems quite thick but within seconds, it disappears and leaves your hands feeling super soft. My nails and cuticles have also benefitted from this gift.

This book was my holiday read and I highly recommend it. Arianna Huffington is a fascinating woman who is a voice for women in the workplace. Her argument for 'shifting our notions' and 
're-defining our definition' of success, is quite compelling.

This hair product has actually changed the texture of my hair. Part of the 'Kardashian Beauty Range', it is a black seed dry oil that I now use every day. Dry oil? Yes, this confused me, but it is an oil that dries.... who knew? When you pump (a small amount) from the bottle it looks to all intents and purposes like olive oil. After running your hands through your hair to disperse the product, you simply blow-dry your hair as you normally would. My hair never looks 'wet' or 'oily', even when I use a small amount to add texture after drying. 

Finally, I am sooo happy with the business cards and conversation cards my friend Emma has created for me. She helped me design the logo and as always, produced the exact idea in my head. I have mentioned Emma before on my blog as I have used her impressive skills for several family celebrations. This has included employing her to create our lovely wedding invitations and my daughter's eighteenth birthday. The girl can honestly do anything with paper!

(To find out more about Emma's creative skills, jump to her webpage Here)

So there you have it! Just a few of my favourite things as another month passes by.

What delights are you currently enjoying? Let me know.

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Read Me said...

I love, love, love that notebook! We are only 2 episodes into Series 6 Downton Abbey and loving it all. Can't wait to see the rest. I'd love to meet with Emma Smith when I'm next in Melbourne! x

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