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This is another Education Blog to follow-up the previous post on 
Twinkl Educational Publishing digital resources. 

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In particular, I am going to share how I used the Twinkl digital resources in my classroom for some cooperative group work as well as for some activities that promoted speaking and listening skills.

This term, our Inquiry Unit has focused on the impact our actions have on the Earth.
Changing habitats and endangered animals have rated highly throughout student
conversations and discussions.

By simply typing in 'endangered animals' into the search box located on the Twinkl website, I easily accessed clear and beautifully presented pictures of animals and habitats. These resources saved me simply, hours of time. If I had been required to research a list of animals and then needed to find a suitable matching picture... I think I would still be locating them as I type!
Headings for displays in the classroom are also made easy for teachers who access Twinkl.

Once printed, laminated and cut, these cards can be used for a plethora of activities.

Here, my students are identifying the animals, discussing how to pronounce some of the names as well as realising just how many Australian Endangered Animals there are!

Next, the children were asked to sort the animals into groups according to their specifications. 
This group sorted them into water, land and tree dwellers and then justified their reasonings.

This particular set of cards allowed the children to compare and contrast the animals...

... as well as create a timeline depicting the predicted life expectancy of
some endangered animals.

The children were then asked to select an animal they would like to find out more about, and present a small presentation to the class to inform their classmates about their chosen animal. 

(Photo used with permission)

The conversations, discussions and questions that arose from this whole class activity were wonderful. I was also provided with enough information about what the children would like to learn about, to fill two terms! 

Best of all, now I have created these resources, I will be able to keep and use them for 
many years to come.

If you would like to see all the amazing digital resources available to you on Twinkl... please click HERE

Do you subscribe to Twinkl? Let me know.

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