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I believe an 'Education' post is well over due...

I was recently contacted by 'Twinkl Educational Publishing' and asked to write a review on their products. As I have used 'Twinkl' products for many years, I was happy to do so.
(As always, all comments and opinions are my own.)

Twinkl is an online educational resource for teachers, parents and educators. It was founded in England, 2010 purely as an educational site for teachers but has since grown and moved from a site that required advertising to raise revenue, to a subscription model that generates it's own income. 
In 2014, Twinkl changed its name to Twinkl Educational Publishing to reflect it's expanding reach to over 168 countries.

Actively involved with children's charities, Twinkl Educational Publishing was recently featured in British publications as a company that actively responded with teaching resources for children who were new to English as a part of the European migrant crisis. In 2015 Twinkl Educational Publishing partnered with UNICEF to provide teachers with information and resources to help raise awareness about the earthquake in Nepal. Twinkle has also contributed learning resources to Comic Relief and Sport Relief.

In 2016, Twinkl Educational Publishing was presented with the Education Resources Award for it's contribution to the Primary Curriculum.

The continued production of high quality materials by Twinkl can be linked directly to the clear and concise philosophy behind the company:

We believe that every child should be loved and nurtured, as they are unique and special. That's why we believe so strongly in publishing the most engaging and inspiring materials.

With removal of, what was once necessary, advertising, the Twinkl website is now a simple, easily navigated platform, that means locating relevant resources is a snap. Easily 'synced' to your curriculum, displays, activities, as well as assessment tools, are quite literally 'at your fingertips'. 

All products are clearly presented and often feature the iconic 'Twinkl Font' and once printed, will instantly provide teachers and educators with practical and reusable educational resources.

These resources are accessible to anyone with a computer (and printer) so parents who wish to support their child's learning, or simply find educational activities to do during the holidays, can also utilise this wonderful resource from the comfort of their own home. 

(Please note, the worksheets can also be county/state/territory font specific which is vital when teaching hand-writing styles to small students).)

There are levels of subscription fees available on Twinkl ranging from AU$5.34 a month to AU$12.46 a month depending upon your needs. (There is also access to free resources!) 

Ever aware of trends, Twinkl is always mindful of world events and provides fabulous activities accordingly. The content is constantly being updated. Resources provided can also be country specific as is the case with their recently added 'Olympic Resource Packs'.

I have recently downloaded a few resources that will certainly support our new inquiry unit this term. Come and 'check back in' to see how I used these products within my classroom and to also hear what my students thought about them!

To visit the Twinkl website and to access these fabulous resources click HERE

Have you used Twinkl resources before? If so, what are your thoughts on their resources?

Let me know!

(All Pictures Sourced: Twinkl.com.uk)


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