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I am so glad you have stopped by... Please read on and celebrate some fabulous women currently operating a small business in Bayside Melbourne, Australia.

I recently met two gorgeous sisters who have started their own jewellery business who, (amongst other things) use coins as a focal design point. The aptly named, 'Indah Koin' provides its customers with truly unique pieces that can be customer designed to suit your needs.

I sat down for a coffee with Emma and Kate to discuss how two mothers find the time to run their small business, maintain family life as well as remain friends throughout the whole process.

Emma (Left) and Kate from 'Indah Koin'.

Hello Emma and Kate! Thank you for inviting me into your home. I am looking forward to hearing more about your company, 'Indah Koin' Can you tell me a little bit about your backgrounds and the circumstances that brought you to 'Indah Koin'?

Emma: We are sisters, who between us had a wealth of Retail and Administration experience who decided to start our own business. It has been operating now for approximately three years.
Kate: When we were deciding on our line, we really wanted to offer our customers a point of difference, while at the same time have fun with design and colour. The initial range was designed to cater for our daughters, our friends and our mothers. We wanted all women, of all ages, to have the opportunity to feel unique.

Stirling Silver Australian Coin Bangle

What specific circumstances helped you both decide to create this particular company?

Emma: After a holiday to Bali, we found the inspiration to be able to pursue our dreams of creating something special back home in Australia. (Bali also inspired the name.) We hope our style of jewellery incapsulates some of the holiday spirit we felt whilst traveling together. 

The best selling Meditation Rings

Can you highlight a few of your favourite products and recommend any 'best sellers' 
on your website?

Emma: Meditation rings are definitely our biggest sellers. The rings have moveable parts such as twisted gold or copper bands. The rings are said to bring good luck, fortune and a sense of calm. The practice of 'turning' the bands on the rings is also said to invite positive karma as well as reduce negative thoughts.
Kate: This year, our 1966 Australian fifty cent coin necklace is certainly selling well. This is a stunning piece created from a very rare coin.

Kate: In 1966, (fifty years ago) Australia released its one and only round fifty cent piece. So if you were born in 1966,  you will be turning fifty this year too! What better gift is there to give a loved one turning fifty? It is really a very limited, and unique piece.

The Stirling Silver Australian Fifty Cent Necklace

Do you work from home or do you have an office away from your residence? How do you manage working together with family life? 

Kate: Currently our office is located in my home. I have to be organised and know exactly where everything is so I have a 'tub' system that contains all our stock. This seems to work well for me at the moment!
Emma: We both work full time and this is a highly collaborative business, so we try to get together weekly. We do also spend a great deal of time on the phone to each other. We are constantly brainstorming and planning new ideas and projects.
Australian Copper Coin Jewellery

What would you say are the pros and cons of a family business?

Kate: The first pro on my list would be working with my sister and having an excuse to talk to her every day!
Emma: The cons would include trying to fit everything into our already busy lives. Striking a balance is always a challenge!

What tips do either of you have for achieving a healthy home/work balance in your lives?

Kate: My best advice would be it is vital to be organised. It is very easy to waste time when you work from home. Set goals.
Emma: I would also add it is important to separate business from home... as much as possible!

Is there any advice you wish you had been given before you started on your business adventure that either of you could share with us today?

Emma: I guess our main piece of wisdom would be partnerships take a lot of work. Make sure you listen to each other's opinions. Compromise is a constant factor when you are building a business with someone.
Kate: Yes, that's so true! I also think it is important to remain positive throughout the process as it can be hard work.

Meditation and Crystal Indah Koin Rings

You use coins in your jewellery throughout your line. If a customer from another country had a specific coin, with a date that held significance to them on it, would you be able to incorporate it into a piece for them?

Kate: Of course! We are happy to work with customers to create beautiful, unique jewellery that is meaningful and that could celebrate family history. 

Women, both in history and in the present day, constantly inspire me. Do any particular women inspire you? If so, who and why?

Kate: Alecia Minster, the founder of 'Girl Bosses' inspires both of us with her positive, 'can do' attitude. She always has time to talk to you and is extremely supportive of women in business. We are extremely fortunate that she is so willing to share her insight and inspiring ideas with us.

Kate and Emma, thank you so much for opening your home to me and for sharing your insights into creating a small business. Your products are truly stunning and quite unique.

For more information regarding any of the products showcased here, the full range of Indah Koin products, as well as how a coin of your choosing can be incorporated into a beautiful piece of jewellery, please contact Kate and Emma the following ways:

Instagram: indahkoin

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