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Hello Blog Buddies!

I thought I would share a few thoughts on social media at the moment. In particular, the Instagram platform which has certainly changed the way we can choose to communicate. 

Social media often cops a 'bit of flack' for encouraging self-absorption and a complete overload 
of mindless information, but I recently experienced a really positive way of using a 
social media platform.

For those of you new to Instagram, it is a free app (see below for icon) that can be opened and accessed via your computer or mobile device. (I view Instagram for the most part, on my phone)

Generally speaking, your 'feed' (made up of people you choose to follow) is a photo with a 
caption. The tidiness of this particular concept appeals to me visual senses. I prefer to look 
at an orderly page of information rather than a mess of timelines and advertisements. So to 
me, when I scroll and flick through my pretty Instagram feed, it is like I am browsing 
through a glossy magazine.

Here is a screen shot of some of the posts I have put up on my personal feed...

(Please feel free to follow me by searching for @thepolkadotapple in the search bar...
I am trying to reach 500 followers by the end of the school holidays to meet a challenge (shout out to Ms Owens over at the sumptuous 'Read Me' blog) that was set for me... 
Feel free to help me out!

As you can see, Instagram has a very simple layout that can easily be 'nutted out' in a matter of minutes. In addition to public posts, you may also choose to directly Instagram someone. Here, only the selected few can see your pictures and conversation. This application can also be applied to a group of up to 20 participants. The benefit of this fabulous option, is that you can find 'like minded Instagramers'. As it happens, there are many Primary school teachers who love to share ideas, tips and tricks with fellow teachers. All this fabulous communication resulted in the very first 'Melbourne Teachers of Instagram Meet Up'.

Some teachers travelled for over two hours to attend!

Initially it was quite amusing hearing people's 'real' names. As your title on Instagram is your account name, people were introducing themselves as... 
"Hi! ...I'm Classroom Capers!..."
"Hello! I'm Little Apple Learning!..."

The weather was absolutely perfect and the gorgeous Ms Laura at Little Apple Learning was incredibly organised and provided name tags and picnic decor... dee-vine!

I really don't recall a lull in conversation, but then, teachers can talk about anything. The conversations were as wide and varied as the teaching experience present and ideas, resources and hilarious stories were shared by all. All these positive vibes were a direct result of us all using Instagram. I am always impressed and generally blown away at the dedication of 
Primary School teachers.

(Of course, there was far too much food!)

And finally to end the afternoon, ...several attempts to try and take a decent group photo with a selfie stick.... to post on Instagram of course!

We have planned another 'meet up' in the next holidays... and judging by all the comments on our feeds, we are already looking forward to it.

Are you on Instagram? Have you found it to be a positive experience?
Let me know.... And don't forget to add me to your feed @thepolkadotapple !


Stefanie Galvin said...

I feel exactly the same way about Instagram, Sarah-Jane! It was so lovely to meet you and all the other wonderful, inspiring ladies on Monday!

Miss Galvin Learns

Read Me said...

Dear Sarah, Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring post about Instagram. It was great to see a very positive way of using Instagram with the 2016 Teachers of Instagram Meet Up; what a fun idea! Thank you for all the encouragement for my blog and Instagram you have provided over the last (almost) year. The Instagram challenge I completed which was inspired by you really set me on my way. Best of luck with your Instagram goals. :) Looking forward to your posts. Big Red Kiss.

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Steff! Yes, it was really inspirational and loads of fun!

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Louise! Instagram is SO much fun ...and I really love your feed too... Catch up again soon!

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