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I am sooo excited to present to you an extremely creative woman to celebrate on 
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Emma Smith is a mother of two gorgeous daughters, a wife, as well as the owner of a small business. Emma Smith {Event Sationery} is located in a Bayside Suburb of Melbourne and can be called upon to create anything to do with paper.

I recently interviewed Emma about starting her own business, as well as trying to juggle the demands of working for yourself and being a family member.

Hello Emma! I have known you for quite a few years now and always love working with you. 
But for those who don’t know, please tell me about your business and the gorgeous 
products you create...

Put simply... I design and make all things paper for events and celebrations. 
What would be your most popular products?

Wedding invitation suites are my specialty! But I also do a lot of things for kid’s parties as well, including invitations, cupcake toppers and general party decor. I have recently added digital downloads to my webpage to provide clients with even easier access to my designs.

I have purchased many beautiful products from you over the past few years and you 
always manage to produce the exact vision of an item I have in my head. 
How do you ensure you meet a client’s brief?

Maybe it is a sixth sense? (Laughs) Seriously though, when I meet with my clients, both via email or in person, I seem to always get an idea, and sense of their personality. This then helps me to understand what they like. I am always guided by what they tell me and it all 
just flows from there.

When did you decide to go into business on your own? 
Was there anything that specifically prompted you to do it?

When my kids were little, I needed to find something that would help me 'wind down' after they went to bed. I always loved designing. Working for myself seemed to be the easiest way to combine doing what I love into a little business, whilst still managing to be available for my girls. I guess officially I started my business in 2009.

You seem to love what you do and your creative passion is always visible in your products. What are the benefits of working for yourself? Are there any negatives you would like to mention?

I do really love what I do. I have loved stationery since I was a little girl. Working for myself has been particularly helpful to date, as my kids have been young... but this doesn't mean it was easy!  Getting interrupted by little 'helpers' was certainly challenging but as the girls are now older, the interruptions have decreased. (Laughs) Finding a good chunk of time to get things done can be hard! When the girls are at school it is easier but it can be hard to switch form 'mother' to 'business owner' in an instant. I also find it difficult to 'turn my mind off' when emails come through after hours. On a positive note, no boss to answer to and no uniform to wear are both pretty good bonuses!

(Emma's Stationery has been featured in several event magazines)
Women, both in history and in the present day, constantly inspire me. Do any particular women inspire you? If so, who and why?

In the stationery world it is definitely Loralee Lewis. She is an amazing talent and mum who has grown her small business into something amazing. 
There are a lot of blogs I follow and I am consistently inspired by women making their personal passions into their own small business. 
From a business sense, I am inspired by (and you either like her or hate her but she gets the job done) Roxy Jacenko.

You have two gorgeous daughters. 
What personal strengths do you hope to pass onto them as they grow up?

I want them to realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Practise makes perfect and being happy should always be a priority. My daughters are both very different. One is extremely organised and she guides and teaches me every day. The other has an imagination that baffles and surprises me daily! Both their actions and words remind me to 'keep it simple' because that, after all, is what life is all about. As adults we often forget about simplicity. 

Where would you like to be, and what would you like to be doing, in ten years time?

Who knows! Life’s a journey and I like the way my business has evolved and continues to, but find it hard to plan as there are curve balls every step.  I definitely want to travel more. 
One goal would be to go to the National Stationery Show in New York. If I haven’t done that in ten years, I’ll be disappointed.

Thank you Em for sharing some insights into your business. Your creative sense and supportive nature certainly deserves to be celebrated!

For all things paper, custom designs, logo development and stationery needs, please contact 
Emma on her website Here

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Thanks for this gorgeous post. I can't wait to meet Emma Smith. Doesn't the National Stationery Show in New York sound too, too divine?! x

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