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Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to manage a visit to visit some friends in Sydney.

Always on the look out for a 'cracking exhibition' a BFF suggested we check out the Collette Dinnigan installation, "Unlaced," currently on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

Collette Dinnigan is an iconic Australian based fashion designer. 
(This is not a picture of her!)

She is particularly known for her inspired use of lace in her designs.

(This IS a picture of her!)

The exhibition started in a bright and airy room which contained 
several beautiful wedding dresses..

"Dinnigan's sense of adventure, determination and passion have led her to become 
Australia's most recognised international fashion star. She is a dynamic, inspiring woman 
and her influence on Australian fashion is remarkable.'

 -Edwina McCann (Editor-in-Chief, - Vogue Australia)

We then walked into a darker room with models lit from behind to 
highlight some stunning lace pieces...

... It was a really clever way to use lighting.

We exited this gallery and walked into a larger room with an enormous screen that ran the entire length of the gallery area.

The models on the screen were wearing Dinnigan designs and walked towards 
you on a continuous loop. 

Facing the screen was a vast collection of original designs displayed on mannequins 
that were elevated, and then surrounded by mirrors.

The colour, sparkle and bling was wonderful.

It felt like you were in a kaleidoscope of texture and light.

The display was clearly explained and very accessible.

(You could see detail clearly and 'up close.')

(The work involved with the clothes simply blew me away!)

We then left the large gallery and entered the 'uber ritzy room of bling'...

... which, I feel, was definitely not your 'every-day wear'!

I was thrilled there was still more to see.

The next gallery illustrated the design process and displayed 'mood boards'
 in (*gasp*) colour blocked cabinets!

My visual senses were in over-load!

Every time you looked through the glass you noticed something new. 
My day was complete... an exhibition ... with colours ... in themes!

You can visit Ms Dinnigan's very pretty site here 

Just when I thought... "This must be the final area to look at..."

... the was still more!

This sweet little collection of children's clothing was located near the end of the exhibition.

This exhibition was one of the most beautifully 'thought out' installations I have ever experienced. The visual impact was quite sumptuous and well, ... shiny!

I really hope you get a chance to see this wonderful display it before it finishes.

The Collette Dinnigan 'Unlaced' exhibition runs from September 5th 2015 to 28th August 2016.

For details click Here

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Thanks for this fantastic coverage of the exhibition. You have enthused me to go and see it. I love the details and those mood boards!

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