100 Days of School

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It is difficult to believe but we are more than half way through the school year! The first year of school is always so exciting for both the children and the families. 
The children develop and grow so much in their first year of formal education. 

It is therefore even more unbelievable that we recently passed the 
'One Hundred Days of School' mark.

The whole department participated in a celebratory assembly. 
Parents and family members were all invited to attend.

Each class performed an item that incorporated one hundred.

The children were also invited to 'dress up' as the profession that would like to do when they grow up.

There were teachers, doctors, football players and palaeontologists.

Each student also received a 'one hundred days' cupcake which was provided by the school.
(How cute are they?)

There was also a certificate from the principal...

... and because I couldn't possibly let the day pass without a treat from me,
the children in my room received a certificate and a small box of 'smarties' from me.

It really was a fun day!

All photos used with permission

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