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I was reading about 'flat laying photographs' with my daughter the other day and decided to 'give it a go' with some of my favourite items from June. So here you go...

My fabulous sister-in-law recommended this lip-liner to me and I must say, it is really 
creamy and easily applied. It is a new line from Arbonne and comes in a variety of colours. 

This particular shade is peach...which is rather a deceptive name as it is quite 
clearly in the 'pinkier' tones.

Anyways... for the staying power alone, I really like this lip pencil.

My next monthly find, is the e.l.f. (eyes lips face) shimmering facial whip. These two shades are called Lilac Petal and Golden Peach respectively. It is a cream based highlighter that can be used on your cheeks, eyes and lips, along with your brows. 

It instantly adds a beautiful glow to your complexion and the tiniest amount is all that is required. 
(It also smells really nice.) 
That, however, is not the best bit... this fabulous product costs the sum total of 
three Australian dollars! 

My next new product for June is a Rimmel lipstick. My daughter had mentioned that her current favourite 'nude' was 'Asia' by Rimmel. The number is 077. It looks a bit more 'pink' in the photo...is is actually a bit more muted, but I have to agree with Miss M. It is currently my 'go-to day-time' shade this winter as it pretty much goes with everything you wear!

Next up is a hand cream I have mentioned before. It is Mor's creme pour les mains in 'Marshmallow'. (This small size is a perfect size for handbags.)

It quickly absorbs into your hands without leaving a sticky residue, and smells dee-vine!

Finally, if I can't quite manage to make it to the salon for a manicure, this lovely shade of the palest of pinks is looking after my nails. It is called 'Ballet Slippers' (how cute) and is made by Essie. It is easy to apply, quick drying (which is vital for me as I have trouble waiting out drying times and always smudge at the last minute.) and makes your nails look clean and bright. Despite being more of what would generally be considered a 'summer shade', I am certainly enjoying it's pastel hue this winter.

So there you have it. A few of my favourite items from June. What products are you currently enjoying this winter? Let me know!

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