Community Helpers at School

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As mentioned in a previous blog, our recent Inquiry Topic at school was 'Community Helpers'. 
As part of this fun and engaging study, our department was fortunate enough to have some visitors who came to share their knowledge of their work. 

Following on from the 'Teddy Doctors,' we had a visit from the two more community helper groups. The first was a visit from the police.

Some of us were extremely lucky and managed to wear a uniform!

All the children sat in the police car and were informed about the equipment police officers use daily.

It was very interesting!

The siren was incredibly loud!

(I am not quite sure what Miss R. said to Miss Z....but it must have been quite shocking!!... 
and who knew that Mr. Z. was quite so theatrical ??!!)

Our next visit was from the Fire Brigade.

This was also very exciting as everyone was provided with the opportunity 
to hold the huge water hose!

We all learnt about fire safety and who to call in case of an emergency.

These experiences provided my class with wonderful experiences that they all 
wrote about with great enthusiasm during the following few days.

It is fun learning about the world around us.

(All photos used with permission)

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