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Hello Blog Buddies!

I wanted to tell you all about a simply wonderful exhibition I recently attended with 
my friend, Trish, on an overcast Winter's day in Melbourne. 

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a locally shot television series set in the 1920's. The show's costume designer, Marion Boyce, sources trimmings, buttons and fabrics from all over the world to make the beautiful costumes worn on the show.

The exhibition was created in the rooms of 'Rippon Lea' which is now a public building that was designed by architects in 1868.

The estate gardens are impressive and on this particular grey day, 
Trish and I seemingly had the place to ourselves!

Inside the house, the costumes were worn by mannequins and placed in 
locations throughout the rooms.

I personally love the hats and head pieces of the time...

... and I firmly believe the world would be a much more stylish place if we could 
all wear them on a daily basis!

The lovely setting meant as you turned a corner in the house....

... you would stumble across a stunning costume.

As a lover of interiors, I felt the carefully placed household items added to the ambiance of the tour.

The stunningly beautiful windows in the stairwell have been filmed in many 
Australian television shows and movies.

(Who wouldn't want to stroll around their bedroom in ostrich feathers?!)

Finally, Trish and I hit the 'accessories' room.

 The photos really don't do the sparkles justice.... The jewellery was ahhh-mazing!

Most of the beading was done by hand...

 ... and many of the creations started life as a simple drawing.

 After enjoying the divine dresses, Trish and I decided to wander around the gardens.

This is my dear awesome friend, Trish...

... who has spectacular taste in shoes!

The 'Hollywood-esque' pool and ballroom were added in 1938 by the owner at the time.

Finally, we both required some sustenance... so an amble towards the tea rooms was in order.

The tea was ordered...

... as too, were the cocktails!

Friends...fabric...beauty...and cocktails...

... A simply fabulous day!

(For more information on Rippon Lea or the Miss Fisher exhibition click Here)

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