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Can you believe we have past the halfway point of our second term at school? Amazing! 
All my 'chick-a-dees' are learning so much about the world around them and I am 
so impressed with their progress with reading.

We are currently focusing on the inquiry unit of 'People in our Community'. As part of this fun study, the Foundation Team organised for a visit from the 'Teddy Doctors'.

The Teddy Doctors are students who are currently studying medicine at a nearby university.

The medical students volunteer to visit schools and show school-aged children some 
of the things that might happen to them if they happened to visit a hospital.

The children bring along a teddy or soft toy to 'admit' to hospital.

They are all then encouraged to use equipment and vocabulary about medical issues.

The children had 'all kinds of fun' using the medical tools and equipment.

Some things required a great deal of concentration!

We had fun dressing up...

... And talking about what doctors do.

This was the 'X-ray' machine...

We all learnt about eating healthy food and fuelling our bodies.

... As well as how to take notes. (This penguin had high blood pressure)

We also discovered how to bandage a paw in an emergency.

All the children were engaged for well over an hour.

We all learnt so much ...

... And had a fabulous time!

(Our teddies are all better too!)

Thank you for a wonderful time Teddy Doctors!

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Meg Long said...

Your Blog is such a wonderful insight into what the kids are doing at school, and the inspirational atmosphere you have created for them. I usually get a one word answer when I ask about the day so this is a great little window into what happens. Thanks Sarah, very enjoyable, Meg

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