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As you know, I recently made a trip to sunny Sydney. Whilst I was there, I visited, what I consider to be, one of my favourite places on Earth. I was introduced to this wonderful place by Mrs. M on a previous visit, and asked if we could possibly fit in a trip this time. Mrs. M was happy to oblige and so I would like to share with you the gorgeous 
"Wylie's Baths."

Wylie's Baths (and I quote from the Wylie's Baths website) '...is one of Sydney's most beautiful ocean tidal pools..' and is located in the Sydney suburb of Coogee.

As you approach the entrance to the baths, the 'vintage vibe' is quite obvious. As Mrs. M announced on arrival at my first visit..."Prepare to enter the 1920's!"

I love the way the pool is still considered a place to 'bathe' 
and that pensioners are, in fact highlighted as "old age"!

The entrance is located at the bottom of some rather steep stairs....

... and entry is based on the honour system.

The view from the top platform is quite spectacular.

There are 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean and coastline. 

And it is pretty impressive coastline.

The wooden platforms are built onto, and into, the cliff face.

There is no sand, just rocks and some concrete platforms to sit and lie on.

Access to the pool from the viewing platform is via a variety of staircases.

But once you have navigated yourself...

... all the way to the bottom ...

... you will see that it was well worth the effort.

It is truly a uniquely Australian experience.

Wylie's Baths were established in 1907 by champion long distance and underwater swimmer, Henry Alexander Wylie.

Wylie's daughter, Wilhelmina (Mina) was one of Australia's first female Olympic swimming representatives. Mina Wylie competed in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm and won the silver medal in the 100 yards freestyle behind her Australian teammate, Fanny Durack. 

The two women had to raise the money to travel to Stockholm themselves. 
(Male competitors at this time had their boat trips paid for.) 

Difficult as it is to believe, during this era, it was actually forbidden for the 
male Olympic selectors to watch the females competing for selection.

Wylie didn't compete in another Olympics, but she continued to be a consistent achiever in the pool, winning every Australian and NSW championship event - freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke - in 1911, 1922 and 1924.

1994 saw the launch of a major renovation by architect Keith Cottier 
and the Randwick City Council. whilst structural changes were required, 
the historical integrity of the site was well considered.

I simply love the fact that this gorgeous location 
has not become glitzy and glamorous.

There are no banana lounges to rent nor is there an over-priced cafe.

There is a 'hole-in-the-wall' kiosk that serves a great 
cappuccino and makes a great salad roll.

The 'feeling' of Wylie's is one of tranquility and relaxation...


... and the distinct 'vintage vibe' I mentioned before. 

Melbourne (my home city) can not boast a similar location...

... so I feel it is also a uniquely, 'Sydney' experience.

So next time you are in Sydney, I highly recommend a visit to Wylie's Baths. 

For more information, here is the official website. 

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Vicki said...

OK, I'm ready to go put on my bathing costume for a swim! Wonderful place...now I share your love for it! xo

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