Later-Blog Christmas Decor 2014

Hello Blog Buddies!

I know this is a bit late....sorry....(it has been extremely hectic here over the last few weeks)....
So as requested, I will quickly re-cap our Christmas decor this year.

Due to, (amongst other things) job applications and such, Christmas 'crept up' a little 
on both G.G. and I this year. 
(To be clear....the above is not our home decor, but rather Melbourne City Council's!)
It would be kind to say, we were 'a little late' getting to the decorations in 2014.

I was out shopping with 'Miss M.' and really enjoying the decorations....

... especially this gorgeous 'book tree' (which clearly appealed to my teacher instincts) 
and decided  we really should 'get the tree up!'

So this happened....and it was like this for a day or two...

.... And then finally this....Yay!

The 'raising of the tree' helped the 'packing of the pressies' to move along a bit too...

....gingerbread theme this year.....(very cute)

And so finally....Christmas was here!

It was our turn to host Christmas this year, so it was about time we got our acts together!

(The little robin was a new purchase this year)

These were the scents we were burning this year....The cranberry oil was from 
The Body Shop and the candle in the striped box was from Pottery Barn.

The stockings were hung with care.....

The blue angel one was my darling mum's....we still hang it every year for her.

Here is my attempt at table-scaping...

...I love the buttons on this cute little tree.

The bookcases got the 'festive touch' too...

(Miss M. thinks the yellow one is a bit scary!!)

And then the Christmas cards added the final touch.

Red, red, red......

..... equals smiley faces! 

And rather randomly....
my favourite Christmas platter I bought whilst living in London.

Two things to finish off with...
one of my beautiful students made this for me this year....

It was adorable.

And finally, (I am so sorry I didn't take a better picture) 
the Christmas bunting above the window was made by a mother and grandmother 
from my classroom this year.....I simply love it.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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