Fairytales in the Classroom

Hello Blog Buddies!

We have currently been reading and exploring the Inquiry Topic of Fairytales this term.
It is always a fun and engaging study for both students and teachers!

'The Gingerbread Man' is always a favourite...

... And we had a lovely time writing our own versions.

I am soooo impressed with my 'chickadees' greatly improved 
handwriting skills.

Too cute!

'The Little Red Hen' was a great inspiration for our 'labelling session.'

The pictures have certainly brightened the room!

This is also a really easy story to 'act out'...

... and write about.

We also used these little biscuits for a maths session on tallying.

It was all 'kinds of fun' having our own little bag to use...

... And then, of course, eat!

We also read 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'

During Science Week, we planted our own beans 
and watched to see if our own 'beanstalks' would grow.

We only used paper towel so we could see the roots forming.

The sunshine on this sunny ledge will certainly help them sprout!

It has been extremely busy here....What is your favourite Fairytale?

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