Science Fair Fun!

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We have just finished having a fabulous Science Week at school.
The 'main event' was The Science Fair which was celebrated over two days.

For the Junior School Science Fair, 
students were invited to present a simple science experiment.

It was not compulsory, but quite a few of my chickadees 
decided to participate.

This particular experiment involved....
wait for it...

How can you not love an experiment that uses glitter??!

Parents were invite to join in the fun....and they did!

Here is one of our gorgeous mums having fun with her son...

... And here he is with his grandmothers! 
They came to see the science fair too. Wonderful!

This display was all about camouflage.

What a great team!

Science week can be a little daunting...

... But mostly it is loads of fun!

This cutie-pa-tootie presented a string telephone.

Despite what it looks like in this particular picture...
it worked really well!

This student appears to have sprouted 'balloon ears'!

I ran into some past students...

I also saw lots of amazing science experiments.

The judging was a very serious affair, as you can see...

... some took it more seriously than others!

Science week was a huge success.
We all learnt a lot more about science...
And had fun while we were doing it!

See you next time!

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lea stray said...

Great to see all the budding scientists with their activities and experiments. We had a great time and learnt some things too.

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