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Hello Blog Buddies!

It is difficult to believe, but we are officially nearly halfway through another academic year! 
I am so impressed with all the learning my 'little chickens' have done this semester.... 
their development, both academically and personally 
has been ahh-mazing! 

Have a look at some of the activities we have been doing in the classroom this term...

As the sign suggests, we are learning about Australia this term.

We have learnt about the states and territories, our flag, as well as some cultural aspects of Australia.

We made some boomerangs and tried 'our hand' at Aboriginal art.

Don't they look great?

A large part of our study has been dedicated to Australian flora and fauna.

Australia has such unique animals We have had a lovely time looking at, and comparing 
the features of native Australian animals. 

(Our writing is getting soooo much better!)

We had a fun time colouring our kangaroos with a joey along side our big year six buddies.

We have also sorted and compared native Australian animals with other animals....

... this was a partner activity...

... and we had loads of fun doing it!

(The pictures also brighten the classroom.)

Term two also saw Mother's Day in our classroom.

We made individual cards for our wonderful 'mums'.

We looked really cute on the front of them!!

Here is Jenny helping us make the cards in the classroom.

We also made presents for our mums during our art time.

Ms. Murphy helped us make 'framed gardens' to also give to our gorgeous mums....

... they were a bit 'fiddly' but they ended up looking spectacular!

It has been pretty busy around here... 

What have you been up to?

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Vicki said...

I love all your photos of your activities! And especially the animals from Australia...wonderful! They are doing so well with their skills...congrats to you for being such an inspirational guide to them!!

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