An Autumn Day in Melbourne

Hello Blog Buddies!

I have just spent a lovely Autumn day wandering the streets of Melbourne 
with my dear sister-in-law, Ms KA

For those of you who don't know, Melbourne has a plethora of wonderful lane ways to explore.
(Here is a favourite 'soup station' in just such a lane.)

We went for lemon chicken and rice... complete with our own bread.... de-lish!

There are also beautiful arcades within the streets. "The Block Arcade' is my personal favourite.

Inside, the actual arcade is simply stunning and the shops are beautiful too.

This was a food speciality store which was particularly pretty.

There was colour everywhere to help brighten your day....

... but within a very short time we needed some sustenance...
so we decided that this was just the place to provide it!

We did enter with every intention of purchasing a coffee, 
but strangely enough, ended up with a wine glass in our hands!
How does this happen??

Next we continued through the arcade....

... And stumbled upon a fabulous paper shop that had a paper dress in the window.

This was a nod to Mother's Day, and it was fabulous!
Yup... it is all paper.

The store also contained really pretty paper items...

... that were all lovely 'eye candy'.

A card in the store told us to keep moving...so we did!

The next stop was 'The Royal Arcade'.

This arcade has been around since 1869 and is known for it's 'mythical 'time keepers,'  
Gog and Magog.

They are located at the south end of the arcade.

The store fronts are just beautiful and the 'window dressing' is impressive.

How ahhh-mazing is this macaron tower?

Aren't the colours just devine?

We exited the Royal Arcade and headed for The Bourke Street Mall.

A new 'H&M' store had recently opened in Melbourne and Ms KA and I 
thought we would 'ckeck it out'.

(Melborne was a bit gloomy)
Here is the store...located in the old post office building...

... And here is the queue to get inside!!!

I can not remember the last time I was required to queue to enter a store!
So Ms KA and I tried to pass the time.
(Here we are practising taking a 'selfie'!....
which I have discovered is far more difficult to do than you would think!)

After twenty minutes, we were in!

An hour later and we were both exhausted! Yes, there were bargains to be had, 
but it was soooo crowded, soooo hot and the music was soooo loud! 

So we decided we needed to go and get these....!

I did manage to buy two new 'Autumny' tops at the bargain price of $12.00 each...

... And we did manage to find yet more paper outfits on the way back to the train station..

This one is made entirely with shopping reciepts...

... and so is this suit!

All-in-all it was a fun, colourful and up-lifting day.

What did you get up to this weekend??

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Vicki said...

Love your photos! I felt like I was right there with you....want that candy apple red drinkie-poo! And loved the paper clothing...so inventive. You look maaavelous, BTW!

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