Winter in Melbourne

Hello Blogging Buddies!

I can barely believe that the holidays are nearly over!

Melbourne has been turning on some fabulous weather and Tuesday of this week was no exception.

The sun was shining and Melbourne was looking fine!

My dear friend, 'M' was visiting from Sydney this week and as we are want, decided there were a couple of exhibitions we would like to visit.

Can you guess where we were going?

If you know Melbourne this is a clue....

Here is another really BIG clue....

Yes! We were off to see Monet's Garden!

The exhibition was simply showcasing Monet's paintings of gardens which was lovely.
(So no haystacks would be seen here) 

This was the official poster...

And here is a sample of the lovely 'styling' inside the gallery....

... Love a bit of styling....

As you were unable to take photographs of the actual paintings....

I decided to take these in the gift shop....

... So these are ......pictures ......of postcards .......of paintings !

And as I am now 'in the gift shop' I will show you some of the displays here...

As 'M' and I are serial 'exhibition attendees' we have an agreement that 

'One can not enter the gift shop until one has visited the exhibition'...

... which we always strictly adhere to ...

So after exiting the beautiful galleries, we enjoyed the 'Additional Gallery' that is the gift shop!

The pastel colours of the paintings....

... were echoed in the merchandise.

The sunny colours made us smile.

We were also very impressed that the event coordinators...

... transformed the cafe into a replica of Monet's kitchen at Giverney.

They had superimposed a picture onto the back wall and splashed colour onto the table and chairs... Fabulous!

And now,  I simply can not leave the building without a nod to this installation. This pool is not inside the Monet exhibition, but rather in the entrance of the building. The water was  a brilliant blue and the floating bowls the purest of white.

 If you look carefully, you can see on the right of the pool, there is a small filter that very gently, agitated the water and moved the floating bowls. This in itself, was absolutely gorgeous, but add to this the beautiful 'dinging' and 'ringing' of the bowls as they touched each other, and the experience became quite mesmerizing. Magic!

'M' and I had rushed to the gallery from the train station, ready to 'soak in ' Monet's Garden, and then found ourselves sitting for nearly half an hour watching, what we called, 
'The China Water Lillies'.

It was di-vine !

After some sustenance in Federation Square 'M' and I headed to our next stop...

It was truly 'Beautiful Sights Overload'!

We did think that this was going to be a rather small exhibition, but it turned out to be rather impressive.   

Highlights included the Scarlett O'Hara Green Velvet 'Curtain' Dress, Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's 'black number', a couple of Marilyn Monroe 'beauties' as well as Judy Garland's 'Dorothy' outfit.... which included The Ruby Slippers. Yay!

No photography was allowed.... But ... the 'Additional Gallery' was happy to pose.

It was glitzy, glamorous and loads of fun.

So after all the visual stimulation we decided we needed a hot beverage... 

.. but on arrival at the bar decided that these were more 'in keeping' with the feel of the day...

Melbourne was still turning on the sunshine...

So we soaked it in .... and soaked in a cocktail!


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