A Winter's Day

Hello Blogging Buddies!

Winter has certainly arrived on the East coast of Australia! The mornings are really chilly and it is rather difficult to get out of bed. This term, a gorgeous family from Canada has joined our school and they think we are hilarious when we say 'it's cold'!

To celebrate the change of season, the Prep Team decided to have a 'Winter Day' at school. All the children were invited to don their cutest hats, gloves, mittens and scarves and come 
to school for some 'cosy fun'

Each child was also asked to bring along their favorite mug so we could all sip some hot chocolate. 
Our chocolate of choice was....

.... with one or two of these in it....

.... here is the yummy chocolate powder melting...

.... And because Oliver's beautiful mummy sent in some of these to share....

.... our sugar high was complete!

We also did some 'Winter Work'

This was a fun sequencing activity....

... And then we 'made snowmen' with paper as, (unlike our lovely Canadian family) we are not likely to ever be able to make a 'real' one around where we live!!

Very cute!



Now here is a selection of some favourite cups to show you....

Can you see who is on this cup??

This one was China...... with pink flamingoes!! ....

A Princess one here...

Just really big!!!

.... Snazzy color!!

Another fun and fabulous day!

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