My Oh My! A Catch up!!

Hello Blog Buddies!

My goodness... it has been ages! In my defense, G.G. (Gorgeous Guy) and I have been suffering from 'lack of internet!' How reliant we have all become on this 'lifeline to the World!' For over four months now, a company (who shall remain nameless..... but whose name begins with 'T' and ends in ''stra'...) has been unable to fix a fault with our internet. 

To cut a long story short, our service has been more than lacking and our frustration vast.

But..... we are back 'online' and I have soooo much to share....

Firstly, way back in EASTER....

We had an Easter tree in our classroom.....

 We read lovely Easter stories....

 I love the pastel colours of Easter.... and the cute bunnies!

I gave each of my gorgeous 'chickens' an egg from the class Easter tree.

Every egg had a name on it..... they loved finding 'their' egg every morning when they came to school.

Oh....  I also gave 'my little bunnies' some of these!!

My fabulous teaching team were each given one of these...

Which contained one of these.....

Oh... and some of these!!!!

G.G and I also went on a road trip into New South Wales.... We visited his family and then spent a few days driving over the famous Snowy Mountains.

We saw a few 'Big Things'..

The Giant Trout in Adaminaby....... (it had recently undergone a 'face lift'... We both thought they had overdone the rouge!....) 

The 'Large Fishing Rod and Reel'....

Who knew????.... Here is the 'Giant Lure'.....

And here is the 'Giant Fish Skeleton'.....!!

Are you seeing a theme? Guess what G.G. likes to do in his spare time? 

Here he is looking as though he actually knows where we are....

I love road trips..... 

Australian country towns are always entertaining (and usually have great bakeries) 
and are really beautiful.....

(G.G. looking at another map.....!)

We visited this museum and recited the few lines of the poem we could recall..... 

and after a few days.... headed home. *sigh* I. Love. Holidays.

Stay tuned for the 'Classroom Catch Up'!!

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