Valentine's Day in Prep!

Hello Everyone!

We had a great day celebrating 
Valentine's Day!

All the children in the five Prep grades were allowed to wear pink and red to school 
instead of their usual uniform. 

(Some lucky children even had clothes with hearts on them!)

We practised our cutting skills by making these really cute
Valentine's Day Owls.

I found this lovely pattern here:

We had fun wearing heart shaped glasses.....

....which made us look .....'all kinds of cute' !!

Later in the day, we each made a heart pocket and cut out little
'Friendship Valentines'.

I found this idea here:

We had fun 'posting' them into each others pocket.

Next, two of our gorgeous 'mums' made every single one of us a cup cake to decorate!

We decorated our own, individual cup cake with white, pink and purple sprinkles...
(perfect 'Valentine's Day colored sprinkles!!)

Do you know who is holding this cup cake?

Ms. Fry also gave her Prep Teaching Team a Valentine's surprise....

.... It was heart shaped sticky-notes and chocolates!

Finally, when we were going home at the end of the day, Ms. Fry gave us our very own,
Valentine with a special heart chocolate.

Chocolate hearts.... Cup cakes..... 

... and funny glasses....???

Who could ask for more?

What a great day!

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