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My gorgeous teaching partner (The Lovely Ms K.) and I were lamenting the distance we had to travel before we would collapse over the 'End-of Year-Christmas-is-Upon-Us' finish line. As we tried to calculate the minutes and hours, Ms K. suggested our life would be infinitely easier if we had an electronic calculator to guide us. We immediately searched and discovered (and promptly added) the one directly to the right...... ->

I would also like to add a rather important aside here..... Over recent times, there has been a great deal of talk about teachers and their holidays. More importantly, for those of you familiar with the current industrial disputes, teacher salaries. 

At this juncture, I would like to direct you to the following photograph.....

This is a room full of dedicated teachers attending PD (Professional Development) ON A SATURDAY. Yup.... this is not uncommon. Teachers regularly give up their own time, their personal time, their family time so they can teach your children to the best of their ability.

(That's The Lovely Ms K. totally rocking' the red jumper in the foreground.)

I am not even going to begin to list the extra work we do outside the teaching day that we do not get paid for....not one single cent.....actually,.... I can't not....
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews 
  • Art Show Evenings
  • Fetes and Fairs 
  • Camps
  • Carols Evenings
  • Meetings, Meetings, Meetings...

(This list has no end...)

.....And given that this year's cohort of children have been particularly....um...'challenging'....I make no apologies for the fact that The Lovely Ms K. and I are counting down the teaching year.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic as it sounds, I am quite sure that this last 45 minutes of idle internetting was just so that I could watch your counter tick down a day...Going to bed now!

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