Apple Love

Hello Blogging Buddies!

I think apples are fabulous. Their shape....so many varieties.....so many colors.......so many tastes.... my tongue is tingling! 

In addition, the delicious treats you can cook with this wonderful fruit is mind blowing.... Pies, tarts, jam, chutney, cider, cakes...this could take me all day..... crumbles... baked apples.....see? I really could go all day!

As a teacher, I have and even greater affinity to the apple. But this particular topic has prompted me to ponder... Where exactly did the notion of "an apple for the teacher" originate?

According to aboutapple.com this juicy fruit is a traditional present for teachers in the United States, Denmark and Sweden. Some research suggests the practice originated as a simple gift of food for poorly paid teachers. (I hear you!) Others believe the good health associated with apples made the present to an educator even more touching. There does not seem to be one infinitive answer... Oh well... I think apples are fabulous!

So imagine my delight when I un-wrapped this little sweetie....

I am extremely lucky to work with someone who made this for me for my recent birthday. (Please note the material matched the spotty-dotty theme of my classroom party!)

Thank you Ms. B! I know it will feel right at home with my growing collection of apples. 

I would also like to mention....

my other favorite kind of apple....

I simply LOVE my apple computer!

I love that it is white...

I love that it is shiny...

I love the sound the keys made when I tap on them...

And I also love the fact that my computer is in complete sync with my phone.

So I do believe Ms B's beautiful birthday apple is going to fit in just fine around here!

Do you love apples? I think apples are fabulous!

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